How a Financial Coach Can Help You Jump-Start Your Finances

The changing seasons, cooling weather, and fast-approaching holidays have you eagerly anticipating the next few months. In fact, you’re probably already enjoying the fun and joy this season brings—as you should be! But if you’re like lots of Americans, you might also be preparing yourself for a financial hangover after a rough holiday spending season.

Dealing with the aftermath of some questionable spending choices is never any fun. And if you’re really in over your head, it’s not easy! January might feel like it’s still a lifetime away, but it’ll be here before you know it. So while you’re still enjoying the fun of the holidays, keep your plans for 2017 in the back of your mind. You may not know the details yet, but you know this much: You want next year to be different when it comes to your money. And a local financial coach just might be the answer.

Now, finding a coach with the same philosophy about money that you have—or the same one you’d like to have—can be tough. Advisors who work for financial institutions or banks often teach some of the things that’ll help you take control of your money. But instead of having you cut up your credit card altogether, for example, they might just help you pay it off and then encourage you to use it “responsibly.”

Let’s be honest—that’s not a good plan for your money, and you’ll most likely end up right back where you started.

You’re looking for real help. Someone with the heart of a teacher who will sit with you knee-to-knee, look at your entire situation, and help you come up with a step-by-step plan. You want the hope that you can change your life in 2017, and you want solutions that’ll actually help you get—and stay—there.

Now there’s a network of financial coaches all over the country who can give you hope and real solutions. These trained pros are called Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coaches, and they understand you. Many of them have been where you are, and they all share the same philosophies on money that Dave Ramsey’s been teaching for more than 20 years.

These local coaches live in your area, and they’re uniquely qualified to help you using the same tools and techniques we use in our own coaching.

Here’s how it works: Our master coaches go through an intensive training experience where they learn exactly how to coach like we do. They watch lessons online before attending a three-day, in-person training at our Nashville, Tennessee, headquarters. Finally, they undergo a three-month mentorship with our team of experienced coaches.

To earn the title of Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and appear in our online directory, our team has vetted and approved them. And because these local coaches stand by the money principles Dave’s taught all these years, you can be sure the help you’re getting is in line with everything we teach. In fact, half of the people who come through our training program have already been through Financial Peace University themselves!

When they return to their hometowns, they’re ready to help people just like you make a plan for their money and act on it. They’re ready to offer hope, encouragement, accountability and solutions!

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