Why I Quit Collecting Money and Started Giving Hope

I was a collector.

Yep. You read that right. A collector.

Now, if you’ve ever heard me speak, you’d think I was born to do that. I’m a big guy, and I have an unusually deep voice. Think James Earl Jones meets Barry White, and you will get the point. The combination of my size and voice made me a great collector. I was promoted quickly and became a manager. I even trained people on how to collect “humanely but effectively.”

But I hated what I saw. People living paycheck to paycheck, borrowing money just to make ends meet. After several draining years, I moved on to mainstream banking, but what I saw didn’t change. People came in to get loans that wouldn’t get them out of their financial messes.

I really wanted to make a difference in the world, but I didn’t think my lending job would ever give me the chance to do that. It was incredibly frustrating to see people in desperate need of direction and not be able to help them.

Then everything changed.

At a silent auction, my wife bid on an item called “Dave’s Chair.” It was a chance to sit in the studio with Dave Ramsey as a spectator during his national radio broadcast. Sure enough, when the auction closed, my wife handed me a picture of Dave and said, “Now, Chris, go meet this man!”

That winning bid changed my career. I went to the show and listened to Dave. During commercials, we talked about his work and my own heart for helping people. Dave’s passion and desire to truly help others was an eye-opening experience. The day after meeting him, I got an unexpected phone call from Dave. He wanted to get together with me to talk!

After a series of meetings, Dave asked me to join his team at Ramsey Solutions. It was the beginning of my quest to help people instead of peddling debt. It was a chance to trade hopelessness for hope. I was all-in. Now I get to tell people how to deal with debt collectors instead of being bullied by them!

My professional journey has taught me that financial coaching is about real-life, everyday people. It’s about showing them how they can effectively handle money. It’s giving them tools to prepare for the future. It’s empowering them to become winners instead of victims. And it’s about giving people hope!

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