New Podcast: Borrowed Future

There’s a massive student loan crisis in America. Millions have found themselves buried beneath a mountain of debt. This podcast series explores the lies we believe about college and digs into the soaring cost of tuition and the predatory nature of the student loan industry. Listen and subscribe to learn how to pay for college without debt or know if college is even the right choice for you.

Episode 1: What No One Told You About Student Loans

The student loan crisis is impacting you, your friends, your kids and our economy. College is more expensive than ever and you’re being told, “Student loans are good debt,” “You can’t go to college without debt,” and, “It will be worth it.” These lies have duped the average college student into taking out $35,000 in student loans. In episode 1 of our Borrowed Future podcast series, you’ll hear from Dave Ramsey, Anthony ONeal, Rachel Cruze, Michael Torpey, Seth Frotman and others on the reality of the student loan debt crisis.

Episode 2: Is College Even Worth It?

Is your college degree really worth $35,000? Students have been told college is the best next step, but for many, it’s the wrong next step. It turns out the return on investment (ROI) on a degree in puppetry might not repay your student loans. And how much of this is about status? Is the student loan crisis actually a parenting crisis? In this episode you’ll hear from thought leaders like Seth Godin, Rachel Cruze, Anthony ONeal, Dave Ramsey, Ken Coleman, and Dr. Meg Meeker.

Going to college debt-free is possible! Find out how.

Episode 3: What College Should You Go To? Avoiding the Traps of Higher Education

Are we lying to kids when we tell them they have to go to college to be successful? College is not for everyone and some people would be happier working jobs that don’t require a degree. College choices are often based on marketing that preys on emotions, causing students to pick a campus with a lazy river over the one they can actually afford. But when you pick a college for the wrong reasons and take out student loans to do it, you can be screwed. In this episode you’ll hear from thought leaders like Mike Rowe, Dave Ramsey, Seth Godin, Rachel Cruze, Anthony ONeal and more on how college FOMO is real—and dangerous.

Episode 4: How Student Loans Ruined My Life

Student loan debt is ruining people’s lives. In this episode, you’ll hear the heartbreaking stories of real people who feel the crushing weight of student loan repayments. You’ll hear about the dark and predatory underbelly of the student loan industry and how compounding interest rates screw people over from Seth Frotman—the whistle blower who brought to light the predatory practices of the student loan industry. You’ll also hear from Dave Ramsey, Seth Godin, and Anthony ONeal and real people burdened with astronomical amounts of student loan debt. You might be surprised to find out who should be responsible for the dumpster fire that is the student loan debt crisis.

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